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Throughout my personal and professional life I try to live a life that serves others from the heart and mind. I have learned that when I don’t know, I must ask in order to learn and to really understand. I believe that listening is with your whole body and all your senses and that each person deserves the same deep concern and listening I have to offer those I work for in my practice. How you use your instinct each day is defined by your story, your culture and your worldview. I work
with you to find the ways to use your instinct to connect to your deepest self.

I have worked with many people who are from other countries and cultures. We have learned so much from one another and I can share that learning with you. When you are able to be comfortable and connected; honesty can sink in and allow itself to grow inside of you in order to start to view the world more holistically or with the nuances of love and hope. In my practice we consider power, socioeconomic class, religion, spirituality, family of origin and your family story to build yourself up and see all of who you are as a strong and powerful human being.

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How do you mix kindness, compassion real honesty with the most direct approach to getting at the root of and solving a problem? Work with Rosanne! Rosanne sees potential, rather than powerlessness.  As a person with a disability, this makes all the difference in the world when helping folks seek economic and social justice.

Kathy Martinez, Assistant Secretary
Office of Disability Employment Policy at US Department of Labor

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