My Approach

Your story, culture and values are at the heart of the time we spend together. Through listening, understanding and honest discussion we will discover your true self. The work, friendships, and desires that you have to feel your best are achievable. Joy is possible as is the ability to give joyGoldfish_MyApproachPg to others around you. With me you will feel free enough to spend time on what matters most to you. Learn and grow in your knowledge of your
own power and instinct. Harness your energy so that you have room for fun, love and the work you most enjoy. I want you to learn and grow so that you can be your best and give your best. You set the pace and I provide the paths needed to open the doors you’ve always hoped would open for you. With compassion, patience and confidence I will guide while you grow. Your Story, You Find it…You Create It.

Throughout my career I have been told that I am “client centered”. This means that I consider the person needing help, services, kindness and pure regard as the master of their life. When I am allowed to offer support toward how that can happen for you we join together to determine the best type of therapy for you.   My background is in psychodynamic and narrative therapy but I implement art therapy, mindfulness and many other tools to help clients find joy, peace and contentment.

2015/2016 Completed Coursework

Mindful Self-Compassion: 8 week course.  Focused on mindfulness, meditation and connecting with our common humanity.  The course gave me a lot to think about for my clients and the best ways to reach them when they struggle.  I also learned how to find that place of compassion that frees us from the negative self talk that rears its ugly head when we are feeling alone, lost or frustrated.

Narrative therapy: 6 week course. Focused on new techniques and skills that honed my ability to hear stories and use them toward greater insight for those I serve.

Therapy for Transgendered People: Focused on the needs of and ways to serve Transgendered people. The course focused on ethics, respect, use of language and issues faced by those who are gender queer.  This course was provided by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists.

Micro-aggressions & LGBTQ Justice:  2 courses. Focused on  Micro-aggressions and how they impact people of color, specifically race and equity as they relate to mental health.  I then followed it up with a course on LGBTQ Justice in the Black Live Matter Movement.  I found these courses to be helpful in the work I do for people of color in our community as they solidified my feelings about how I can be of service to the black community.  I also wanted to be a part of a discussion on race that had infused LBGTQ issues in it as well as one that did not so that I could see how things were somewhat different based on sexuality even if both classes focused on people who are black.

Somatic Psychology & Hope Psychology: I have spent my last year focusing on Somatic Psychology, Hope Psychology and the neuroscience of the brain as it relates to trauma.  This has enhanced my practice and given me tools to help clients that I didn’t have before, like meditation and mindfulness that allows people to acknowledge their own pain, experience it and allow that pain to be carried rather than pushed away as meaningless.


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I loved that you were supportive and non-judgmental. You were able hold space for those that were not able to speak up themselves. You have a wonderful casual, accepting demeanor. I always felt totally comfortable being around you and that fostered an atmosphere that was open and creative.

Trisha Martin
Domestic Violence Services Manager

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